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Welcome to
Retail Support Nordic Group

Retail Support is a privately owned company that has grown strongly since its inception in 2012 and today employs around 250 people around the Nordic region. We are active throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Above all, we target suppliers in the building materials trade where we offer services in the form of store logistics, conversions and extensions in stores as well as events to varying degrees - we are our customers extended arm.

Our work is tailored entirely to our customers wishes, where quality, efficiency and flexibility are always our cornerstones.

Our strengths


Sales and marketing assignments


Sales, repair and demo assignments

Concept development

Well-thought-out and elaborated concepts


Renovations, installations or training

Our Whistle Blower Service

The whistle blower service can be used to warn of serious risk for irregularities that can affect people, our organisation, society or the environment. Your report can contain information regarding crime, irregularities and infringements or other acts that violate EU or national legislation in a professional context.